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Straight Forecast Doubles and Trebles,and How to Perm Your Straight Forecast Bets.

Straight forecasts are the dividends you get when forecasting the first and second in a race (both horses and greyhounds).

Not to be confused with the Exacta bet,which is the Tote equivalent - the Straight Forecast is computer generated,based on the odds of first and second,and also the number of runners and some other factors that determine your Straight Forecast payout.

You can have straight forecast doubles,and straight forecast trebles,and you can also perm your bets.

This article will explain how to perm straight forecast doubles.

Previous articles explain how to work out your doubles and trebles for as many selections as you want,and to avoid repetition will assume you understand how to do that.

Perm Straight Forecasts with 2 Selections reversed each Race.

A popular bet for straight forecast fans is straight doubles,but how do you reverse the forecasts so that you get paid if the result comes either way ?.

Lets for example,say you have 5 straight forecasts and bet them in doubles - 10 bets.

But you want them reversed so you collect if they win in either order.

Simple - just multiply by 4.

Why 4 ?,well you have 2 outcomes each race ,so each double has 4 combinations (2 × 2).

So,if you have 10 straight forecast doubles,and want them reversed the bet is now 40.

That is the original 10 doubles × 4 = 40.

Same for every number of doubles - maybe you did 8 races,which is 28 doubles.

Again just multiply by 4,so 8 races is 112 straight forecast doubles reversed (28 × 4 ).


Another Straight Forecast Perm - 2 separate forecasts within 1 race.

This is the format i like best - you fancy an outsider to run well,but probably will not win the race - which will result in wasted bets.

You can back 3 horse in forecast doubles and it is still 4 bets per double as above.

Best way to describe this option is to use fictitious prices.

Maybe you fancy a 2/1 to win,and also a 3/1 shot also to win,but you also think a 20/1 outsider may run well and get second place to either of the fancied selections.

No need to waste money by reversing the selections - just do 2 separate forecasts.

So,2/1 horse to beat 20/1 horse plus 3/1 horse to beat 20/1 outsider.

This is still 2 bets,and you have stripped out the waste of bets because you don't think the 20/1 shot will win (By the way,this will happen from time to time when outsider beats your winner selection,just take it on the chin,as you will be better off in the long run.)

So,again just multiply the number of doubles by 4 if you do 2 separate bets in straight forecast doubles.


Banker Forecast in Straight Forecast Doubles.

You are not restricted to putting the same number of forecasts in each and every race - you can have 1 forecast in one race and 2 or 3 in another.

An example..

You have 1 forecast in one race....................2 forecasts in next race (you can have 2 selections reversed or 2 separate forecasts,as explained above)...................2 forecasts in the next race.................and 1 forecast in another race.

That's 4 races - but working out doubles no longer works.

You need to go through the selections one by one.

You have 1 ,2,2 and 1 forecasts.

Just multiply first selection with all others one by one.

Then multiply second number with all numbers below and so on.

So,the number of straight forecast doubles for above bet is........

2 +2 + 1 + 4 +2 +2 = 13 straight forecast doubles.

If you want to reverse them just multiply by 4.

Another example,more difficult - 5 races.

banker - 2 forecasts - 3 forecasts - banker - 2 forecasts.

Exactly the same,just go through them one by one and multiply the combinations ( go downwards one by one and ignore number once it is done) then add them up.

2 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 6 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 6 + 2 = 31 straight forecast doubles - multiply by 4 if you want them reversed.

Straight Forecasts - 3 in a Race.

You are getting close to the limit when doing straight forecast perms - the number of bets are now going into orbit.

For example if you want to do 3 selections each race reversed,each double will be 36 bets (6  × 6).

So,if you do for example 5 races,3 selections reversed = 10 doubles × 36 = 360 bets.

If you do 3 separate straight forecasts each double has 9 combinations which is a little more manageable,and the same 5 races will be 10 × 9 = 90 bets.

Another example with more races covered - 8 races.

If you have 3 selections reversed,you have 1008 bets (28  × 36).

If you have 3 straight forecasts each race you have 252 bets (28  × 9).


Straight Forecast Trebles.

It's pretty hard to get a straight forecast double,but some optimists may like to try for straight forecast trebles - jackpot !.

Although the combinations are high,most High Street bookmakers will accept bets of 1 penny units,but in my experience,if you are betting online the minimum is 5p,or even 10 pence per unit which can make many forecast treble bets too expensive,for what is a speculative wager.

I will limit these trebles to 2 bets per race as more than that would be prohibitive.

So,if you have just one straight forecast in 8 races the number of trebles is 56 - not too bad.

However,if you reverse those selections in 8 races,the bets rocket to 448.

This is because each treble has 8 combinations (2 × 2 × 2),so 56 trebles reversed is 56 × 8 = 448.

Not too bad if you can bet in pennies,but for 10p you are laying out almost £50,which in my opinion is too high for a bet you may only win very rarely.


By Pendil at
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