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Roulette Staking Plan.How to Win Playing Online Roulette Staking Plan.

Playing roulette is a great pastime when playing online or in a real casino.


It's great fun,simple to play,does not stretch the brain by concentrating on tactics or strategies,and you can occasionaly win !.

From a personal point of view I would sooner play blackjack or poker where to some extent you can apply logic and be in charge of your own destiny.

Playing roulette puts your money in the lap of the gods - no matter what you do that ball will fall into a random slot and you have absolutely no control or influence at all.

The only thing you control when playing roulette is the staking plan you adopt.

There are many well known roulette staking plans and you should adopt a consistent betting plan,whichever you do decide to follow - and stick to it.

My experience in gaming and betting is that the shocking big losing sessions can lead to disaster and knock all your sensible betting tactics way out of kilter - avoid at all costs.

You can make huge losses which are hard to regain,completely lose your composure and just bet in a suicidal manner - I know I have done it myself.

You need to make losing sessions at the roulette wheel for small amounts of cash.

You need to making winning sessions at the roulette wheel for big amounts of cash.

Sounds obvious doesn't it ?

Yes it is,it's what we all try to achieve,but many roulette gamblers make bigger and bigger bets the more they lose.

It's the losing sessions that make you lose overall.

You may win and lose in an identical number of visits to the roulette wheel,but the reason losing roulette sessions make you a regular loser is they are usually for larger amounts than your winning sessions.

It's human nature - you chase losses with larger and larger bets,but when you are in front you go all timid and want to hold on to what you have won.

Drum this in to you roulette play - lose small amounts - win big amounts.

So,how should you bet at the roulette wheel ?


Firstly,always play in sessions,where you achieve your winnings or reach your losses threshold - and get out,stop playing.

I don't mean go home from the casino or log off for the day - but just take a break for 30 minutes or so and start another session with those same goals again next time.

It is up to you what your stake per spin of the wheel is,as what is a small bet to some players is a huge bet for many other fun roulette fans.

For explanation purposes I will use $1 (which will be your minimum betting unit) as demonstration of how I suggest you bet.

How to bet when you are losing at the roulette wheel.

You will start the session with your smallest betting unit,and as stated above,will use $1 as example.

Play whatever bets at the wheel you prefer,but only bet in $1 units - under no circumstances increase your stake.

Play your game and when you reach your losing threshold (I would suggest if $1 is your selected unit,that losing threshold will be $30) - stop playing !!.

Take a break,have a drink,do anything but continue playing roulette when you are losing.

Remember there are more sessions of roulette to be played,forget this one - the next one may be a winning session and much more exciting and profitable.

How to bet when you are winning at the roulette wheel.

You can adopt this strategy as soon as you are in profit even after first $1 (or whatever minimum bet you are comfortable with) bet - but remember as soon as you go into deficit you adopt the tactics as explained above when you are losing at the roulette wheel.

So,your first bet wins - now double your next bet - and hope it wins,as if it loses you are again back in the losing session mode.

You win again,so,keep betting at double your normal stake at $2 per bet.

The bet units are now double your normal bets - so win/loss is now more volatile,and the more you go into profit the more volatile your betting becomes - superb,this is when you win ,and win big !.


Your luck holds out,and you are now more than $30 ahead - increase your bet to $3.

You keep winning,you are now $40 ahead - increase your bets to $4.

And so on,$50 ahead bet $5,$100 ahead bet $10 each bet,$1,000 ahead means $100 bets.

Even for original small bettors the amounts can grow quickly when you are winning - and just the opposite to what happens when you are losing,if you follow my advice.

Just add a zero to the above guides if you bet more heavily than the examples I use.

This is the most important thing to remember when winning.

Never - Ever !! reduce your betting unit within any single session.

If you were $100 in front and betting in $10 units,and slip back to $90 in front,the $10 bet is no longer appropriate as profits are below $100.

Stop playing - bank your winnings - take a break - you can stop for the day in a winning position,or start another session later.

It's common sense really,and with a little self control added,you can show a profit at the roulette wheel,or at least greatly reduce your losses when playing roulette by sticking to the above guidelines.

Remember - The Golden Rule of Roulette - Bet Big When Winning - Bet Small When Losing.

By Pendil at SAFE BOOKMAKERS SITES.ŠThis article can be reproduced by anyone,so long as article is reproduced full and intact with all links unchanged.End of article. 


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