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Online Poker Collusion - Is it Safe to Play Internet Poker ?.

Should online poker players be afraid of collusion when playing poker ?.


Quite a few of my gambling colleagues maintain it is rife,and now refuse to play online poker under any circumstances,and will only play when they can see and be amongst real poker players.

This is despite the fact that collusion and other scams are much more likely in a real physical poker game than online poker.

Maybe they are just losing right now,and need a scapegoat,a reason for their losing that will not make them face up to the fact their poker play is poor.

Or maybe they are right,and we online players are being taken for a ride.

Perhaps you are winning online,but how much more would you be in front if those poker cheats are indeed operating on a large scale.

So what sort of things can those online collusion poker players get up to that we should be worried about ?

Well the obvious one is poker players in contact by mobile(cell) phone and telling each other(there could be more than 2!)what they have in the hole.

This may seem a not too dangerous ploy to swindle you and other players,after all they can only provide information about another 2 cards out of 50 - there are still 48 unknown.

However you won't think that if theres only yourself and these 2 cheats left in the pot and you are the mug in the middle.

If either of them have the nuts,or probable unbeatable hand,(it doesn't matter what the other cheat holds)you will get squeezed and cheated.

Even a limit game,particularly a site that allows multiple raises,will cost you plenty,as they manipulate the betting and you have to follow as you are now in deep.

The other obvious way to cheat is by using different computers,different log identities,and different connections.

Its not unusual for households,or probably more often business premises,where these multiple connections are available that enable this scam.

This is not "collusion" in the sense that it would be done by one player at one location all by themselves.


Two identities,again maybe 3 would be used in say a 9 seat table.

The advantages are obvious,and would certainly turn even the worst of poker players into a big winner.

So what do the online poker rooms do to protect you from collusion.?

Well not enough in my opinion,but its tough for the online poker rooms to keep on top of this problem.

Remember they still get their cut whatever goes on at their tables,so the incentive to eliminate this problem is not immediate.

However unless they are alert and take action to stop collusion becoming a big problem poker players will desert that poker room over time.

The poker community is pretty savvy,and it soon gets around where to play and where to avoid.


By and large,new poker players should use sites that already have a trusted gaming reputation(not just poker)and they want to keep that reputation for fair play to customers.

The huge British gaming companies are almost unique worldwide,as they have developed and grown over many decades.

They are also well regulated,and inculcated over many years with a sense of fair play to their customers.

As i said before it is difficult to spot and stop online poker collusion,but there are ways.

For instance if 2 players always turn up at the same table,this will almost certainly be spotted by the poker rooms.

However the scammers are not stupid either,and will realise this.

They will play independently and get together for a hit on table and drift apart when the job is done,and bide their time for the next scam.

Another thing the cardrooms are looking for is a hand being folded by a colluder when his partner goes all in .

This will happen when for instance the other cheats king flush is now unbeatable because his partner just folded the ace same suit.

Again to disguise this alert to the cardrooms the colluders could let the "loser" continue to play.

After all,presumably the proceeds are split evenly at the end of the day,so nothing is lost.

Sometimes one folds,sometimes both play to the end,it just depends on the circumstances.

Poker sites keep a complete and comprehensive log of all hands,and should any suspicions arise they can check thoroughly,and no doubt they can then spot the colluders work unfold,but so often too late to protect their players

The large number of sites means colluders need only return to a site every month or so and then move on again making it even harder to spot where they operate.

Perhaps the best weapon the poker rooms have against these cheats is the honest skillful poker player who may notice things not picked up by the card rooms.

Telltale signs include "steamrolling"other players,slow play by colluders particularly pre flop,also by folding regularly and late after putting plenty in the pot.

Report anything you see that arouses your suspicions - the poker rooms will investigate themselves and you will not be involved in any way.

By Pendil at SAFEBOOKMAKERSSITES.COM.This article can be reproduced by anyone,so long as article is reproduced full and intact with all links unchanged.End of article.


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