Beware Diabolical Blackjack Losing Run.

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Blackjack Gamblers - beware that diabolical blackjack losing run.


It may seem commonsense to avoid a diabolical,statistically unlikely,bad run,but believe me they can sneak upon you without realizing it.

When,and it is not a question if,it does happen and you are not prepared,then financial ruin could result.

Unprepared you will be stunned,deep in trouble,and completely unable to think straight.

You will be so convinced that this unbelievable run of bad luck is going to end the very next spin of the wheel,or next round of blackjack,or whatever your game played.

Anyone suffering this freak run of bad luck will be ready to stake everything,and i mean everything on the next game.

You are after all a good player,a good gambler - you always stay cool and under control,but surely if you plough on you can dig myself out of this hole ? - WRONG !

Players who are particularly susceptible to these shocking runs of luck are the percentage players who play for long periods of time and can just about tilt the odds above evens in their favour.

In most cases it is blackjack,but can also apply to roulette(odd/even,red/black etc)and other similar games.

It happened to me once,not so long ago.

Blackjack is a game i love,played it for many years,and usually manage to finish about level or win well,and very rarely lost anything but very small amounts.

In passing,casinos are great for a night out,but if you want to win regularly and show a profit,then online blackjack is the place to play.

After all there are no expenses,you can play for whatever length of time you want,at whatever stakes you want.and most importantly you will be satisfied with a small profit(it is ALL profit when playing online).

Whereas if you go to a casino,that small stakes win seems pretty puny when caught up in the occasion of a sumptuous casino,also you have that cab fare,drinks bill,and food etc.that has to be recouped.

Back to that diabolical run at the blackjack table.

I had been playing online with this particular casino for a couple of months.

The actual amounts are not important - a big win to one player may be peanuts to another player,but we all have our threshold where gambling can get very serious.

However i had been winning consistently,and the original deposit had increased by a factor of about 12 - not bad by any means.

Normally,for me to lose 4 consecutive blackjack hands is unusual - and normally stakes are increased when this occurs.

When this run hit 6 consecutive losses,it was getting pretty uncomfortable to say the least.

This could not continue any further could it ? - i am a good player - increase the stakes again and get yourself straight - done that before many times.


The losing run gets to 8 - these losses are now the largest,without doubt the most i have ever lost in one sitting(at blackjack anyway).

By this stage the thought process has deteriorated,i am shocked - the game i am playing is ok - that is just automatic - but did i really stake that much on that last losing hand?

So what do i do - well i am now pretty agitated,the cool analytical side has disappeared completely(so will yours when it happens to you !).

The stake is increased yet again.

Lost again.

This is 10 or 11 losing hands now - impossible,never seen anything like this in hundreds of hours of playing blackjack - but its happened.

How much left ? - enough for one big bet - if i had more in that account,there is no doubt,it would have all been bet on one more go.

Lost again - 19 is good against an 8 but dealer makes 20.

The account reads zero - it has all gone.

Months of hard work and great play thrown away on one diabolical bad run.

The only redeeming feature is it was past winnings that were lost,and also i could not access any more funds - believe me when this was going on i could have got into real trouble.

We have all seen it in the movies,and most of us who attend casinos regularly have seen it for real - that diabolical losing run that can literally ruin lives.

You get to a stage where you cannot stop - if you stop now you are admitting and accepting a big defeat,and surely,statistically, that next bet must win.

These freak sequences also throws up another phenomenon - they always favour the casinos.

Why is that ?

Well if you are unfortunate to experience that losing run,as this article explains,you will increase out of proportion your normal bets,and stake huge amounts compared to your normal bets.

But think about it,after all a winning run is just as likely as a losing run,but would you win as much as you could lose ?.

On the face of it you may say yes,but actually almost every punter would not win as much as they could lose on these statistically freak run of results.

This is because after say 4 winning hands at blackjack,do you really expect to win the next hand ?.


Would you greatly increase your stake,or would you think as most players would - i am winning well and i do not want to now throw it all away,after all i cannot keep winning.

If the run continues,you are still delighted,but caution would again take hold,as just like the losing run,you think it cannot continue.

However this time logic works against you,whereas on a freak losing run you stake stake ever increasing amounts,but a winning run would mean same sized bets,or only slightly increased stakes.

An article soon about how casinos win explains further.

You have to be prepared for these statistically almost impossible runs of bad luck and a sensible staking plan is the answer.

The most effective ,and simple for the moment is to only increase your stakes when WINNING.

When hitting a losing sequence within an overall losing position(you will play differently when hitting a losing sequence within a winning overall position)you must stick to your level stakes,and NEVER INCREASE wagers.

An article soon will explain further a good staking plan for blackjack and other similar games to enhance winning runs,and perhaps more importantly,that will make sure the diabolical losing run can never happen to you.


By Pendil at SAFE BOOKMAKERS SITES.ŠThis article can be reproduced by anyone,so long as article is reproduced full and intact with all links unchanged.End of article. 


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