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Betting On Football Bookings - Popular Booking Bets - Best Tactics When Betting on Football Bookings Market.


Betting on bookings during a football match was introduced many years ago by the spread betting firms,however the fixed odds bookmakers now offer these odds,and many more markets for you to consider when betting on their bookings market.

Perhaps not the most entertaining of bets,but certainly an option on a one sided game,or a match where you can't see another decent bet.

There are of course 2 cards a referee can brandish during a game - yellow and red.

Many bookies had different values for each card when they first started offering bets on bookings.

However,the odds have stabilized so punters now know the values when betting at any online bookmakers - the yellow card is worth 10 points and the red card is worth 25 points.

Bear in mind that a player who gets 2 yellows scores 35,as the referee will first show a yellow and then another yellow followed by the red for 2 bookings,you just get points for 1 yellow and one red.

The most popular bet on bookings is the under/over market - usually under 21,21 to 45 and over 45.

Odds will vary from match to match depending on the actual game,the teams and the referee.

Lots of other bets now available to football fans based on cards like ...................number of cards in a games........................which team gets the first card shown during games........................which side gets most cards..................odds for any player being sent off

Some things to remember

If a card is shown after the final whistle,that does NOT count .............also if a manager or any coaching staff get booked and sent to the stands,again,that does NOT count...................bets are always based on 90 minutes play - extra time bookings do NOT  count.

So,which games will result in high/low cards ?

Friendlies and end of season mid table games where nothing is a stake,will often lead to low cards as players just go amble through an uncompetitive game.

The referee - some referees show the card much more often than some other referees - stats are freely available online and updated game by game.

Enter into your bet calculations players with reputation of tricking the referee into showing cards.Unfortunately,diving and other tactics to get their opponents booked is now prevalent in the English game.Often they succeed in getting a player booked,and sometimes the referee will be outraged by a blatant dive and book that player - you are not bothered,as it makes no difference what the bookings are for in the payout totals.

Local derbies - two local teams will often achieve high cards as the fans and players are urged to beat their sworn enemy.However,bear in mind,the bookmakers will also build in the local derby factor into the odds - sometimes they over do it and low card bet is perhaps the best option.

British teams playing in Europe - can often lead to high cards.It is not as bad as it used to be,but still a factor,and the more robust tactics played by British teams upsets the fans and the referee,often resulting in higher cards.


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